Pamela's Animal Tells

Animal Communication, Intuitive Healing, and Reiki by Pamela Theis

"I use Pamela's services often for my cat ​Faith​ with great results every time. ​​​Pamela's ability to tune into animals and her love for them make for a very effective consultation.​ ​ Once when traveling a ​cross the country with ​Faith and noticing distress, ​Pamela tuned in and felt the animal's nausea and dehydration and was able to advise me how to resolve ​the issues ​and keep ​the ​cat healthy during the ​​​journey. Another instance when​Faith suddenly stopped using the litter box for several days, Pamela checked in and found out that the cat started going outside. Pamela told me where to look in the yard, and sure enough I found where she was going. When​Faith had an issue with a visiting dog, Pamela 'spoke' with her to communicate that the dog was old and blind, and then the cat seemed to tolerate the dog well and it was obvious she understood something was wrong with the dog.​Pamela has helped many times with emotional disturbances and depression with healing energy and the difference is quite remarkable and immediate.​ Faithy seems comforted by Pamela's work and is a happier pet. ​I highly recommend her​ services ​to get to the bottom of any issue, mental or physical!"

JA in CA

"Pamela recently did an Animal Communication with our Border Collie, Neo. She correctly picked up on personality traits and his behaviour around people and other dogs. Her information on Neo's issues with regards to nipping people was enlightening and accurately confirmed what others had sensed. Her recommendations and advice going forward was much appreciated. I was very happy with the communication and would highly recommend her services."

Aisling Cusack – Leicester, UK – Business partner at Tails of Joy




"Pamela did readings for two of my animal companions.

I found her approach incredibly sensitive, considerate and respectful to all involved. I found the messages Pamela delivered insightful and helpful, and that they encouraged me to perceive my animal companions in new ways. This new perception has led on to a sense of renewed connection and enriched closeness with my dog, reminding me not to take any moments with my awesome animal family for granted and to appreciate every moment shared with these special individuals.

Thank you for a fun learning experience."

Luu Smith

Nelson and Bays

New Zealand December 2016




"Pamela was able to connect with two of my horses. The two horses that she communicated with have very different personalities. She was able to identify specific characteristics of each horse. Several questions were answered and feelings were validated. Her experience she had with my mare Candi and my gelding Billy have allowed me to make changes, have trust, and understand them in a much deeper way. Pamela does a wonderful job of giving specific details of events or incidents that are acting as barriers. She also provides strategies as to how you can build a stronger relationship or make your furry friend more comfortable. Both readings were wonderful and very accurate."

Barbara Edge-Hertle




Pamela has helped my learning about animal communication with her superb accuracy when reading my two dogs. With the first I asked her to freestyle the reading and she captured the essence of my dog so beautifully, I was delighted and it made me chuckle (because she is a very funny dog!). With the second dog however, I had some questions about his health, and his background before coming us. Some of his more recent background I knew and Pamela was absolutely spot on about it! I wasn’t surprised to hear of the hard life he has had. Pamela was also able to tell us of some neural issues the dog has and once again she was absolutely precise about it. Really, I was so impressed by the level of detail Pamela was able to offer us.

Ali, UK

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