Pamela's Animal Tells

Animal Communication, Intuitive Healing, and Reiki by Pamela Theis

By: Pamela | January 18, 2017

Nugget has made some friends with these 2 or 3 young squirrels that forage and play in the backyard under our beautiful giant oak tree. She looks for them everyday now. It is so cute. The first day or two when one of them so boldly came to say hi on the ledge, she dashed after it, hit the window, and fell down between the window and couch. She was very animated about it all. But she has mellowed quite a bit and now just watches them. She sits in the window and searches for them everyday now. It is truly amazing what all sentient beings are capable of, if you are simply willing to watch and observe. Nugget is so funny, she catches me watching her at times, then she talks to me (out loud) and comes to get some quick loving and acknowledgement, then back to squirrel watch. Very important work, you know.

   So, naturally believing in animal totems and messengers, I looked up the meaning of squirrel in my trusty books I've mentioned before. However, first I like to listen to my intuition and see what meanings I get from the creatures that so generously serve and assist. To me, these little guys were about fearlessness, nonchalance, bravery, gathering resources, nourishment, playfulness amidst the hard work, and preparation. The books mention the messages as 'to balance aggressive pursuits with play and fun'; preparedness; clearing and lightening load; and be cautious. Well, these little ones sure were not being cautious per se, but they were definitely being playful and curious. Squirrels (and Nugget too for that matter) remind us to look out our own activity level in addition to our preparedness. How is our energy spent? Are we erratic? Are we active enough? Are we too active? Is there fear of there never being enough? Are you gathering and not balancing it out with giving? I find this fascinating as I am constantly having to be reminded of BALANCE and remembering to PLAY.

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