Pamela's Animal Tells

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By: Pamela | December 21, 2016

Take Flight

By Pamela Theis                                                                                                                                         ©2016

As I sit on the porch in the cool crisp damp morning dew,

Listening to the sounds of the Mother,

The sun rises shedding first light.

Quiet stillness in the air, amplified with the languages of the early morning.

Birds hold conferences

Take flight

Squirrels quarrel

Take flight, racing around the trees.

I wonder which creatures must say goodnight at first light.

Trees glisten happily swaying.

Feeling their song, the wind gently caresses my skin.

Reminding me to breathe with the rhythm of this blessed site.

Colors subtly shifting from cool blues to warm tones

as the sun continues to smile upon the Earth.

Carrying with me the lessons and peaceful moments of first light,

In gratitude, I too must Take Flight.

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